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Dead Ash Tree removals and pruning in Easton, MD

June 12, 2024

Dead Ash Tree removals and pruning in Easton, MD

Our team recently assisted a customer who had purchased a new rental home in Easton, MD. The property had multiple dead Ash trees that needed to be removed, as well as one tree that required pruning. We successfully completed two Ash tree removals, ground three stumps (including one that was already present) and performed a tree pruning. As a result, the house is now ready for new tenants, with no worries about falling trees or limbs causing damage. In our area, Ash trees are susceptible to the Emerald Ash borer, which unfortunately leads to their death. These dead and dying trees pose significant hazards to homeowners and their properties. At Collins Tree Experts, we have extensive experience in safely removing trees and providing proper tree pruning services.

According to the University of Maryland Extension office, the presence of the emerald ash borer typically goes undetected until trees show symptoms of being infested, usually, the upper third of a tree will thin and then die back as seen in the photos. This is usually followed by a large number of shoots or branches arising below the dead portions of the trunk. Ash trees killed by EAB become brittle and dangerous to people, property, and tree removal professionals. Dead trees located in yards, near buildings, or are street trees, will likely become hazardous trees and should be removed immediately. Ash trees become very brittle when they die and for safety reason, tree companies will not climb them for removal if they have been dead for more than 6 months. Depending on the situation a crane may be needed thus increasing the cost. If you have trees that look similar to those in the pictures, call us today for a free estimate and evaluation before they become a hazard to you and your property.

Location: Easton, MD

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Products Used

    Stihl, Vermeer, Bandit
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