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Pine Tree Removals in Oxford, MD

July 3, 2024

Pine Tree Removals in Oxford, MD

In the lovely town of Oxford, MD, a client approached us to take down 6 large pine trees from their property. These trees were closely positioned to their home, resulting in a constant accumulation of pine needles on the driveway, walkway, and yard. Following the removal of these trees, the client now has increased sunlight and more landscaping possibilities in their yard. Despite being majestic and fast-growing, pine trees can sometimes become a nuisance or pose a threat when situated too close to a residence.

According to, "Pine trees can be messy. They drop needles year-round, especially during the fall, but there are also issues with pollen coating everything, pinecones you have to remove every time before you mow, and the constant barrage of small limbs and twigs.

If you have a pine tree anywhere near your house, you have probably had to either clean the gutters yourself or have hired someone to clean them out. Pine needles will clog gutters quickly, and they drop all year long, unlike most deciduous trees that drop their leaves during the fall.

Even if you have a type of leaf guard on your gutters, pine needles seem to find their way in. Obviously not as much as without them, but they are notorious for getting everywhere. Pine tree pollen can also accumulate around the leaf guards and will need to be wiped periodically for them to work most efficiently.

Aside from having to pick up pine cones and small branches before mowing, to keep any type of grass growing underneath a pine tree, you’ll have to manage all the needles that fall. Too many needles on the ground can choke off the grass and leave the area underneath the pine tree a barren wasteland." -

Tree removal is just one of the services we offer as part of our comprehensive tree care program. Our team is trained in proper pruning techniques, follows ANSI standards, provides fertilization, and offers pest and disease assessments and treatments.

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