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Storm Damaged Tree Removal in Queen Anne, MD

June 18, 2024

Storm Damaged Tree Removal in Queen Anne, MD

Our client, located in Queen Anne, MD, reached out to us because they had a black cherry tree in their backyard that had a large limb fall into their neighbor's yard, narrowly missing the fence. They requested that we cut down what remained of the storm damaged tree, remove the brush, and cut the remaining logs into firewood lengths for the customer and their neighbors to utilize. According to, black cherry is ranked among the top 20 firewood types due to its moderate heat output, exceptional coaling properties, minimal sparking, and low smoke emission. It produces long lasting and robust fires. Additionally, when burned, black cherry firewood emits a delightful aroma that enhances the ambiance of a fire. Personally, I also favor burning black cherry wood in our woodstove during the winter months. I completely understand why our customer would want to keep the wood!

Service provided: Tree Removal

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